FT2232 Universal USB to Serial

The Universal USB to Serial breakout board is designed to allow the maximum flexibility for all your serial protocol needs. This adapter comes with dual UART's out of the box, just plug it in and you will have 2 independent COM ports usable to 12,000,000 baud.

    The FT2232H is specially designed to take advantage of several common serial protocols. The board includes an onboard 3.3V regulator, access to +5 and +3.3V if your project is to run on bus power, and a blank EEPROM for configuration data(such as modes, VID/PID). Also a jumper is supplied to disconnect the 3.3V power from the 10 pin header. Keep this jumper in place to feed the 3.3v pin near BD0.

Form factor: 1.8 x 2.5 in.


The available serial modes are:

  • Dual Channel RS232/RS422/RS485

  • Dual Channel 245 FIFO - Sync/Async

  • Dual Channel JTAG

  • Dual Channel I2C

  • Dual Channel SPI

  • Dual Channel Bit Bang - Sync/Async

  • Dual Channel CPU style FIFO Interface

  • Dual Combination of any of the above interfaces

  • Fast Serial Optical Interface

  • 8051 Host Bus Emulation


The datasheet can be downloaded from FTDIChip.com. As well, they have information on all the configuration modes, and custom DLL's for the I2C, SPI, and JTAG interfaces. The schematic is the same as the bus powered version on page 51 of the datasheet.

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