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Mini Data Logger

Originally envisioned for environmental data collection, the Mini Logger can be useful for any application requiring remote data collecting. 

Features Include:


  • Small Form Factor, 1.00” x 1.20” (25.4mm x 30.48mm)

  • Propeller Core Microcontroller

  • DS3232 Temperature compensated Real Time Clock with battery backup.

  • 24LC512 64K EEPROM.

  • TMP102 I2C Temperature Sensor

  • Wide operating range, 4v – 16v

  • FPF2106 Load switch with over current/over temperature fault flag. Power off peripherals when not being used.

  • Diode protected power input to prevent damage from wire reversal.

  • +3.3v Regulator with over current and over temperature protection.

  • Crystalless operation up to 48MHz. 

  • ADS1115 2 Diff. /4 Single Channel 16 bit Analog to Digital Converter with +2.5v Sense reference and 220Ω current limiting resistors.

  • FT230XS USB to UART for direct connection to a pc via USB connection for programming and communication.

  • S25FL512S 64M x 8 Flash Memory. Record data for 18 months or more. Time depending on logging frequency and data size.

  • MCP3021 I2C Analog to Digital converter for battery monitoring with ±1% accuracy.

  • 8 General purpose I/O with 220Ω current limiting resistors.

  • Constant +3.3v, switched +3.3v and ground  pinouts.

  • Rich collection of Propeller object code for every hardware feature to ease firmware development.

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