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ECG Front End Demo Software
Easily Amplify, Filter, and Connect to ADC
ECG Front End  PCB Top
ECG Front End PCB Bottom
ECG Front End PCB Dimensions.

Have you ever wanted to experiment measuring the electrical signal from your heart?

But have no idea how to detect it? Or no experience making analog circuits?

Our very popular ECG Front End takes all the hassle out of the problems with measuring it. By handling all the hard stuff and taking care of all the analog circuitry needed. It amplifies and filters the signal from your skin so that most A/D converters can sample it easily. 


With only a 3 wire interface - power, ground, and out. And 2 wires for the sensors - Left arm and right arm. Connect these 3 to your circuit, the 2 sensor wires on your hands and start recording. Its that simple! Or, you can place the sensors on your chest for a much stronger signal with improved signal to noise ratio.


The output is centered in the middle of the power supply +/-30% due to the OpAmp offset voltage. For most applications this is fine as the waveform is roughly 1Vpp and won't cause clipping.

Features include:

  • Small form factor (0.90"x 1.1", 23mm x 28mm) - Small and easily portable for wearable tech. Create the next biohacking device!

  • On board 60Hz or 50Hz notch filter - Helps to reduce line noise.

  • 2.5 - 5.0 Volt operation - Can be powered from a 3 Volt coin cell battery.

  • Output centered at 1/2 Vcc (+/- 30%) - Ideal for connecting to an ADC.

  • Gain of approximately 1000 - Large signal output. (1mV in = 1V out)

  • Simple 3 wire interface - Easy to use even if you have no experience with analog circuits. Ideal for PIC, AVR, ATMEGA etc.

  • Low operating current (700uA at 5.0 volts typically) - Long battery life and can be powered from a voltage reference for better accuracy.

Frequency Response 1 - 1000Hz

ECG Front End Bode Plot, 60Hz Filter

Demo Circuit with Optional LP Filter

ECG Front End Demo Circuit

For best results use shielded leads and keep leads as short as possible. If not using battery power, there may be undesirable line noise. Connecting GND to earth ground may be necessary to reduce this noise.

Click below for an article on using the ECG Front End with a PIC12F1822 and 128x64 Graphic Display. Source code for PIC included.

ECG Front End Demo w/Graphic Display

Click below for an article on using the ECG Front End with a PIC12F1822 and  a USB to UART. Source code included for PIC and VB.Net

ECG Front End Serial Demo w/UART

Save $10! ,Only $19.95 + Shipping - Quantities are Limitied!

Disclaimer: This product is for educational purposes ONLY.
It is NOT to be used for diagnostic or for life saving operations of any sort.
Suitability for a given application is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Always consult a qualified medical professional for any medical concerns.

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