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My mission is to provide quality products, services, solutions, and complete customer satisfaction.

With over two decades of real world experience in both the military aeorspace and commercial industries, I have an appreciation for the exceptionally high level of quality required by the military, some of the highest in the world, and the variable standards needed by commercial ventures balancing cost, quality, and speed.

I pledge to apply the same level of quality necessary for your project. 

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Electronic Design

Electronic Engineering Technology was my major in college and since then I have helped individuals and companies with custom electronic designs as well as developing my own products.

Whether single layer or multi-layer, the years I have spent designing, prototyping, developing, and manufacturing will ensure a successful outcome for your project.

Opto-Mechanical Design

The years spent as an Industrial Instrument Technician in the electro/optical field working on battle proven military aerospace hardware has given me the skills and experience to understand and use the design methods employed by them.


Under the opto-mechanical umbrella, I've been involved in all aspects from optical design and lens manufacture to machining of components to assembly and testing. Hands on skills that many designers fail to posses. Skills that I have that will make your idea a reality.

Supporting Skills and Experience

  • General Machinist

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • Corrective and Preventative Action

  • Six Sigma

  • ITAR Familiarity

  • Software design in VB.Net

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