DIY Solder Fume Filter

    I'm sure that if you do any amount of soldering, you have had your fill of breathing in the smoke as I have, and most don't have the luxury of a commercial unit. I recently had an external cooler for an XBox360 pack it in and was just going to toss it. But then I had and idea for a small easily made filter. In total it took about half an hour to hack together.
    This then is my build of a solder smoke filter.

    This is the unmodified cooler. The reason it failed was the XBox power brick connector overheated and melted.

    Here is a close up of the melted connector. Boy did it stink when it went. Nothing like the smell of melting plastic wafting through the living room.

    Shown are the parts required for the DIY filter.
    - A 12 volt adapter. This one is rated for 500mA.
    - Filter media. This came in a large sheet for about $10.
      At least a dozen filters can be made from it.
    - A barrel jack connector appropriate for the adapter.
    - The cooler itself.

The first step is to remove the old connectors. 3 Screws and you're in.

    Inside you will find 2 more screws holding the other side of the connector. Remove them and cut the 2 wires leading to the fans.

    Once the old connectors are out, drill a hold appropriate for your barrel connector. Solder on the two wires, attach the connector to the case and the hard work is done!


    Finally, cut a piece of your filter media to fit, reattach the cover and give it a go. The filter media can be washed, and if it's too well used, just cut a new piece since it's cheap to replace. I found that the air flow isn't fantastic, but given it's size, you can move it close to your work area and the flow is adequate to capture most if not all the smoke generated.

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