Raspberry Icing

    Raspberry Icing - A Propeller microcontroller add on board for the Rasbperry Pi Single Board Computer. Program the Prop directly from the R-Pi using SimpleIDE! Download the instructions on installing and setting up SimpleIDE below.

    Features Include:
    - 40 pin DIP Propeller Microcontroller
    - On board DS1338Z-33+ Real Time Clock readable by the Raspberry Pi and microcontroller
    - CR1025 backup battery holder for the real time clock
    - All 32 pins of the Propeller Microcontroller are broken out
    - RTC Int/SQWOUT pin broken out
    - Separate headers broken out from the Raspberry Pi
        - GPIO header
        - SPI header
        - I2C header
    - Separate programming header for the Propeller for external programming and stand alone use
    - 3 pin header to select programming source, R-Pi or external
    - 64K EEPROM for extra storage for the Propeller
    - 5Mhz crystal for the Propeller, 32.768Khz crystal for the RTC
    - On board reset switch for the Propeller
    - Form factor fits neatly over the Raspberry Pi
    Download the schematic below.


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