Make Your Own Jumper Wires

    If you've spent any time shopping the hobby market at all, you've  probably seen jumper kits for sale. These are convenient, but rather pricey. For near the same price you can make your own and have nearly an endless supply of jumpers of whatever length you choose.

    First, go to your local Radio Shack (or home improvement store) and pick up a roll of 6 conductor phone cable. Make sure it is the solid conductor type (most are).

    Now all you have to do get out your trusty wire cutters and strippers (You have side cutters and strippers right?). Cut a length of cable to your desired length. In the photo I used about 8 inches.

    Remove the outer sheathing, cut the 6 strands to the length you choose then strip off about a 1/4 inch of each end.
    And there you have it virtually unlimited jumpers for less than ten bucks. Not bad.
    Here I've made:
    Two 8 inch
    Four 4 inch
    Eight 2 inch
                                  All from one 8 inch length of cable.

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