JTAG Pin Finder

    Now selling the JTAG Pin Finder. This device can sniff out the 4 main signals needed for JTAG interfacing from 12 unknown signal lines, namely TDI, TDO, TCK, and TMS. In addition, it will also find the TRST signal line.

   This device connects via USB to a PC running the Parallax Serial Terminal which can be downloaded from Parallax.com and will display the results once completed.

    Searches can be of one of two ways:
        - Using the Instruction register (Inputting the IR width and the IDCODE              command) and usually results in a single match.
        - Without the Instruction register (Results in several matches from                      thousands which can then be tried individually for the correct                          combination).

    There is an article on the operation of this device here.

    This device has been sold to several law enforcement agencies to assist their electronics crime labs in determining the JTAG pins of primarily cell phones.

    If interested in a quote, please send an email to info@100randomtasks.com with your location(city/country)