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  • Small scale electronic design and manufacturing
    • Through hole and surface mount
    • Two or four layer boards
  • Short notice (quick and dirty) electronic design and prototyping
    • Analog/Digital, Hardware, and Software
  • Opto-Mechanical Design

  • 20+ years experience in the Electro-Opto-Mechanical and Electronic industries
  • Design, Manufacture, Assembly/Test, ISO9001, ITAR, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis
    Clients and Collaborators
  • Detective Bob Elder - Vancouver Police Dept.(retired)
  • Dixie State University - Computer Crime Unit
  • Ag Solve - Environmental Instrumentation (Brazil)
  • Franke Canada - Medical fixtures
  • NWS Instruments - Precision Camera Lens
  • Detective John Bair - City of Tacoma, WA and lecturer at University of Washington-Tacoma on Mobile Digital Evidence

A Few Examples of Our Work