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ECG Front End


Disclaimer: This product is for educational purposes ONLY.
It is NOT to be used for diagnostic or for life saving operations of any sort.
Suitability for a given application is the sole responsibility of the user.
Always consult a qualified medical professional for any medical concerns.

Complete analog front end to amplify and filter ECG waveform.
Features include:
    - Small form factor (0.90"x1.1", 23mm x 28mm).
    - On board 60Hz or 50Hz notch filter to reduce line noise.
    - 2.5-5.0 Volt operation.
    - Output centered at 1/2 Vcc.
    - Gain of approximately 1000.
    - Simple 3 wire interface, connect directly to an analog to digital converter or apply your own post operations.
    - Low operating current (700uA at 5.0 volts typically)

Example Circuit

Frequency Response

    Download Schematic, Demo Visual Basic.Net, and Propeller microcontroller software below.

60Hz Notch Version

50Hz Notch Version


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