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32M (4M x 8) Flash Memory Breakout Board

    The SST25VF032B 4M x 8 SPI flash memory breakout board is perfect for prototyping those projects that need extra memory that their microcontroller does not have. Use with a minimum of 6 connections.
    This item comes with 2 unsoldered  4 pin headers and the PCB has two 10K pullups; one on the #WP, and one on the #HOLD lines. This way they can be left unconnected if desired. Also a .1uF bypass capacitor is added.

Download example code for the Parallax Propeller or the Flash datasheet below.

Features of the SST25VF032B are :
 - Single voltage read and write (2.7-3.6v)
 - SPI mode 0 and mode 3 compatible
 - High speed clock, up to 80MHz
 - Superior reliability; Endurance of 100,000 cycles, Data retention of 100 years
 - Low power; 10mA active, 5uA standby
 - Flexible erase capabilities; 4K, 32K, and 64K blocks
 - Fast erase and byte program; Chip erase 35mS, Sector/Block erase 18mS, Byte program 7uS
 - Auto Address Increment for faster write time
 - End of Write detection with Busy status on SO or polling Busy bit on status register
 - Hold pin; Suspends serial sequence to memory without deselecting the chip
 - Write protection; Enables/Disables lock-down protection of the status register
 - Software write protection; Write protection through block protection bits in the status register
 - industrial temperature range (-40 to +85C)


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