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4 Digit I2C Display

Now Open Sourced! Download the schematic and source code at the
bottom of the page.

The 4 Digit I2C Display is a perfect companion for pin limited microcontrollers. A rich command set, small form factor, and capable of displaying Hexadecimal numbers make this a great display.  In addition, the display address is software programmable, allowing for up to 8 displays to be on the same 2 wire bus.

    Features Include:
  • Rich Command Set
  • Low Current Sleep Mode           (23uA @ 3.3V)
  • 3.3V to 5V Range
  • 400Khz Clock Rate
  • Small Form Factor(13.4x40.85mm)
  • Pins on .100" Centers
  • Full Digit and Segment Control
  • 256 Level Brightness
  • 2 Wire Interface with Optional Reset
  • Run up to 8 Modules per Bus


  Download the Datasheet Here.

    Download a demo program using the Propeller microcontroller here. You need to use the Parallax Serial Terminal for this program.


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