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Update 12/26/2013: Added Propeller Development Board Page.
Propeller Development Board

Update 09/22/2013: Added 32M (4M x 8) Flash Breakout Board.

Update 04/18/2013: Added Raspberry Pi SPI interface setup page.

Update 04/07/2013: Added Real Time Clock compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Update 02/02/2013: Added ECG to PIC Demo page.

Update 29/12/2012: Added Op-Amp Voltage Reference page.

Update 28/10/2012: Added the Raspberry Icing Propeller Add On Board for the Raspberry Pi SBC.

Update 01/10/2012: Open Sourced the 4 Digit I2C Display. Download schematic and source code.

Update 30/09/2012: Added a Raspberry Pi Startup page.

Update 18/08/2012: Added ECG Front End to Products.
ECG Front End

Update 20/07/2012: Added Trim Pot Voltage Divider page.

Update 21/06/2012: Added ADC Voltage Translation page.

Update 04/05/2012: Added the JTAG Pin Finder page.

Update 23/03/2012: Added SOIC8/MSOP8 Breakout Board to the products page.

Update 21/01/2012: Added FT2232 to ADC0820 Oscilloscope page.

Update 12/12/2011: Added the Places We Like page for websites we frequent.

Update 11/12/2011: Added the 4 Digit I2C Display to the products page.

Update 20/11/2011: Added a 10 Bit A/D converter VB.Net sample for the Universal USB to Serial Converter.

Update 08/10/2011: Added the Universal USB to Serial Adapter to the products page.

Update 11/07/2011: Added Weather Station Part II. Containing the electronics and schematics for the transmitter unit.

Update 06/06/2011: Added Squeaky clean boards page, method on how to clean the flux from your finished board.

Update 28/05/2011: Added Xilinx Parallel Programmer to the Products section. Both in kit form or assembled. You will need one of these or similar to program any Xilinx CPLD's or FPGA's.

Update 16/05/2011: Added Roll your own CPU design page. This is the first part in a many part series on creating your own CPU/Microcontroller.

Update 23/04/2011: Added 555 Design Assistant program. Helpful in quick design of 555 timer circuits.

Update 19/04/2011: Added video of running Knight Rider Scanner. Finally got the capacitors from China. Cheap, but I think they came by carrier pigeon.

Update 02/04/2011: Added DIY Solder Fume Extractor.

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